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22 years old
Born in: Lithuania
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About me

So, my name is Maria but everybody calls me Mia. I'm 16 year old student from Lithuania. After two year I want move to USA. In future I'm goining to study acting. Don't ask me why. Just I feel some connection with this profession. At the moment i'm giving all my time to singing, acting, learning languages and of course education. One day I want to be not pretty or sexy actress but i wanna be smart and talanted actress. I'm acting or singing not for famous i'm doing this becouse it makes me feel happy. I'm NOT  perfect. I'm like almost every girl hate some parts of my body/face. I'm like everybody making mistakes and then trying fix them. What about my character... I'm perfectionist. I don't like do something just for fun. I'm giving all my soul and strenght to work. I love work. So i guess i can say that i'm a little bit workaholic. I don't like people who doing something only for money, of course is very important thing i our lives, but not that important to destroy our happiness.  I guess it's enough for make some impresion  about me. If you want ask me for something just write me : ).

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